Prague Python Pizza has Arrived to Prague

Mia Bajic

Python Pizza, an event that unites Python enthusiasts and pizza lovers, started its journey in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. After making its way through many cities, it has finally arrived in Prague. This marks the very first time this unique gathering has taken place here, offering our community a fantastic chance to connect, share knowledge, and eat some delicious pizza!

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We had a total of 22 speakers, with 6 being first-time presenters. Our schedule included two keynotes, each 30 minutes long, while the other talks were kept to 10 minutes. The concept of short talks aims to expand knowledge and keep the audience engaged without losing focus or attention.

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We wanted to keep prices as low as possible to make the event accessible, so the price for an on-site ticket was a symbolic 300 CZK or 12 EUR. The venue had a maximum capacity of 100 people, so we sold 70 tickets, and we had 22 speakers + 5 organizers and 2 volunteers. Around 85 people in total checked in at the venue. The question about where people come from was optional, and out of the people who replied, around 75% came from the Czech Republic and 25% from abroad. A significant number of attendees are from Krakow, Poland. We tried promoting the event in different social circles and reaching out to a diverse audience. We gave free tickets to PyLadies and CyberLadies, non-profit organizations supporting underrepresented groups in IT. Remote tickets were for free, and we sold an equal amount of remote tickets - 100.

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Code of Conduct Report#

We set up a code of conduct and had organizers ready to jump in if needed. We’re happy to report that no code of conduct incidents appeared.


We conducted a survey among all attendees to gather their opinions on the event. We're very pleased to report that we received 35 responses in total, which represents half of the attendees filling in the form. Approximately 85.7% of respondents rated the event with the highest score of 4 points - "I loved it," while the remaining 14.3% awarded it 3 points. This indicates that all surveyed attendees enjoyed the event.


Regarding the program and talks, 62.9% of attendees gave the highest rating of 4 points ("The program was great"), 34.3% gave it 3 points, and only one person rated it with two points.


About 91.4% of respondents expressed they would definitely consider attending again, with a small 8.6% indicating a 'maybe'.


Some feedback suggested the need for a larger venue. We recognize the venue's size limitations but we chose a smaller space for this initial run of Python Pizza in Prague, as we were uncertain about the expected number of attendees. Bigger venues are commercial and more expensive, and we aimed to keep the ticket price as low as possible. At the same time, many surveyed attendees mentioned that they really liked the venue for its beauty and central location. We're also very pleased that two people mentioned feeling safe - we aimed to make the event inclusive for underrepresented groups in computing.

The opportunity given to less experienced speakers was also highlighted. We're glad to hear this, considering the format of 10-minute-long talks is challenging for beginners, and the content was mostly advanced. Other positive comments focused on the sense of community, relaxed atmosphere, social events, and interactions with speakers.

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Stream URL#

If you'd like to watch the event online, check out the stream recording.

Mia Bajic

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