PyCon CZ 2017 changes date and venue

Honza Javorek

In the past month, the PyCon CZ conference became homeless. Because of some property issues, the venue we originally announced suddenly became unavailable for any events.

That has put our team into quite an unpleasant situation - instead of working hard on other tasks necessary for the conference to happen, we had to go back to the beginning and start looking for a new place. On a very tight schedule. After several weeks of contacting, visiting, and considering almost 50 venues, we're happy to present you with the replacement: MeetFactory!

MeetFactory from inside

MeetFactory is a non-profit international center for contemporary art founded in 2001 by the artist David Černý. It is in a very unique, industrial building in Prague's quarter Smíchov. It usually hosts music events, theatre, gallery exhibitions, and residential artists program.. You can walk through the whole space on Google Maps.

MeetFactory from outside

Unfortunately, with change of the venue, also the date had to change a bit. The bad news is, MeetFactory isn't available for us on Saturday 10th June, because they're hosting the Prague Museum Night. For that reason, we decided to move the conference from 9-11 June to 8-10 June. The new expected schedule is:

  • Thursday 8th, MeetFactory - first conference day, talks
  • Friday 9th, MeetFactory - second conference day, talks
  • Saturday 10th, different venue - workshops & sprints

The good news is, while already being in Prague for PyCon CZ, you can attend the Prague Museum Night! It is a night during which 80+ Prague's museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are open for free, often with rich accompanying program. Also, you can save Sunday for travelling home without missing workshops.

Prague Museum Night
Source: Prague Museum Night's Official Photogallery

We understand this whole thing may cause a lot of inconvenience for you. We worked really hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but it still took us significant time. We didn't want to give up the idea about an extraordinary venue with artistic soul instead of university lecture rooms.

We may have failed to communicate the uncertainity early enough to prevent you from booking flights or accommodation. On the other hand, originally, we did not expect to shift the date. If you get into some serious trouble because of the changes, please let us know and we'll try to find a way to help you rearrange.

we're sorry

Many of you were asking for tickets, but they were still unavailable. As you can now imagine, we couldn't let you buy anything before we had the most important conference details secured. Now when everything is finally sorted, nothing is preventing us to start selling! Quick, maybe you can still catch an early bird price!

At this moment we're busy with selecting talks and workshops from the public Call for Papers. Soon we are going to present you with a full program. I can assure you already that there are some amazing pieces waiting for you!

Looking forward to see you soon in 43 days, at MeetFactory.

Honza Javorek · @honzajavorek

Honza volunteers in the PyCon CZ organization team. His responsibility is to promote the event on social media and to take care of "Public Relations" of the conference.